about FitFi

FitFi was created with the thought of children, handicapped persons, pregnant women and those who are looking for new activity possibilities. FitFi is the timeless connection of physiotherapy and mobile recreation. We restrain to neither persons from specific age range nor to persons with specific disability! If your body needs move, and your fitness requires improvement, you feel you lack strength or you are handicapped, you wish some changes and want to get to know splendid people - Visit us! Everyone will find something for themselves here!

Parents of handicapped children! Did you know that the younger the kid is, the larger is the chance of his health state improvement? We invite also if you want to make sure that your child develops correctly. We invite children suffering from Cerebral Palsy and Genetic Syndromes.

If you are a handicapped person, and are not able to motivate yourself to exercises at home or you require professional therapist help - visit us. Friendly therapist will arrange the activity plan for you which will strengthen your body, especially improve your fitness and will help to drop waste kilograms and improve the mood.

If you are a person unable to stay at home and do nothing, and there is nothing in your neighborhood to entertain you - FitFi has prepared something special for you. Click the „fitness - recreation” tab.

Future Mothers! Child-bearing School is just about to open! You will have the possibility to meet all of the secrets of your child, his tending and professional preparation to childbirth in Fitfi. We invite pregnant women to gymnastics prepared especially for them.